About us

“DHARAM PATOLA ART” is a reputed and famous name in Patola Weaving field having expertise in Single Ikat Patola Weaving in entire Kutch region. No one else is doing Single Ikat Patola weaving work in this artistic District ‘Kutch’.

The art of handloom weaving is a traditional ancient Indian art preserved from many centuries since Indus Valley Civilization. This art is kept alive, thanks to present generation artisans of  Maheshwari caste, predominantly found in Western India particularly Kutch region.

Patola is the most distinctive pattern of hand weaving Silk Cloth. It takes intense concentration of mind and skill to weave Patola material. Each thread is designed with different pattern and color on each thread is twinned by hand so that it matches exactly on horizontal and vertical threads in weaving on loom.

Mr. Dharamshi Maheshwari has earned a distinct name and reputation in the field of making Single Ikat Patola Weaving, which is considered as one of the most intricate handloom weaving art. He has nurtured this skilled art from his ancestors. His vision and passion towards making Patola Sarees has lead to providing employment to his family members that resulted into full-flown company “DHARAM PATOLA ART”. Since 25 years, he is engaged in this profession with zeal and enthusiasm. Initially, he formed this Firm at his native village ‘Ningal’ in Kutch District for 15 years and subsequently shifted to Bhuj (headquarters of Kutch) since last 5 years. Since every member of his family is actively involved in this weaving work, entire family is popularly known as PATOLAWALA FAMILY for their expertise in Single Ikat Patola Weaving work and one and only family in Kutch.

Means- “The design laid down in patola shall never fade even if cloth may be torn.” To art-used than its cost. One saree under normal use lasts for 80-100 years. Also, as it gets older its cost increase inspite of decreasing. Therefore, it is considered as an ornament and priceless dignity.